Advice & Information

Becoming a victim of crime can be a confusing experience, and you may have a number of questions about the support available to you and the criminal justice process. You can use the links below to find out more information.

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Victims Code

The minimum level of service that you should receive from the criminal justice system.

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Restorative justice

An approach to trying to deal with the harm caused by crime and other conflicts.

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Victim Personal Statements

Your opportunity to explain in your own words the impact of a crime.

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Reporting a Crime FAQ

Find out what happens when you report a crime to the police

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Browsing safely

Find out how to prevent others seeing your internet browsing history.

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Impact Statement for Businesses

Find out how to make an Impact Statement for your business

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How crime can affect you

Find out how crime can impact on you emotionally

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Going to court

Find out more about what going to court is like and how to prepare.

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