Please note that the following services are not operated by Surrey Police. In some cases the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner provides funding to support delivery of local services, but the organisations operate independently.

Coroner's Courts Support Services


 Any death can have a devastating impact on the bereaved, but when that death is sudden, unexplained or of an unknown cause it can only add to the negative impact on families. Strangers such as the Police, Coroner’s Office or the Pathologist may have to become involved in the death. This can feel like an unwanted intrusion for the family at what should be a very private time. It is not unusual to feel confused and as if you are losing control. Bereavement is a universal experience, yet it will be unique to each of us and it is natural to feel intense grief after someone dies.

The Coroners’ Courts Support Service (CCSS) is an independent charity. Trained volunteers offer free, confidential, emotional support and practical help to bereaved families, witnesses and  others attending an Inquest at some of the Coroners’ Courts in England. We can signpost people to other appropriate organisations and prior to the Inquest we can give you support and information via our Telephone Helpline.