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StreetSafe is a new service where you can anonymously tell Surrey Police about public places you have felt unsafe.

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Victims Code

The minimum level of service that you should receive.

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Going to court

Find out more about what going to court is like and how to prepare.

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More information about Surrey Police's Victim and Witness Care Unit

On 1 April 2019 Surrey Police opened its new Victim and Witness Care Unit, based out of Guildford Police Station.

Our professionally trained team is here to help victims of crime cope and, as far as possible, recover from their experience, putting in place care plans tailored to the needs of the individual.

All victims of crime in Surrey are automatically referred to the unit at the point a crime is reported, with subsequent contact based on an individual’s need and vulnerability. Individuals can also self-refer themselves, or use our website to find local specialist support services.

The team is also here to provide support to witnesses of crime, linking with other criminal justice agencies, departments and charitable organisations in order to obtain information and ensure individuals are kept informed about the case and possible attendance at court.

At its heart, the new Victim and Witness Care Unit is designed to allow a truly end-to-end service for victims of crime, from initial contact through to court, and beyond if needed!