Victims' Code

The Victims’ Code is intended to make sure victims of crime get the support and protection they need from when they report a crime through to the court case and beyond if necessary.

It sets out the information and entitlements that victims of crime can expect from the agency dealing with the crime. The Victims’ Code applies to all victims of crimes that were committed in England or Wales or where the criminal trial takes place in England or Wales.

The Code applies to victims, parents or guardians of victims under 18 and close relatives of those killed as a result of crime. Victims who don’t live in England or Wales are still entitled to the services set out in the Victims' Code if the crime took place in England or Wales, or if the services relate to criminal proceedings that are taking place in England and Wales.

If a victim has left the territory of England or Wales, the country they now reside in should provide victim support services.