Please note that the following services are not operated by Surrey Police. In some cases the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner provides funding to support delivery of local services, but the organisations operate independently.

Guildford County Court


Guildford County Court is a judicial court for civil cases, dealing with cases such as adoption, bankruptcy, divorce, domestic violence, high court district registry, evicting tenants and money claims.


Local Car Parks:

• Mary Road Car Park, Guildford, GU1 4PX
• Bedford Road Car Park, Guildford, GU1 4SJ 


Bus Services:

• Guildford Bus Station, Guildford, GU1 4YW
• Artington Park and Ride, Old Portsmouth Rd, Guildford, GU3 1LP
• Onslow Park and Ride, Richard Meyjes Rd, Guildford, GU2 7AD
• Spectrum Park and Ride, Spectrum Leisure Centre, Parkway, Guildford, GU1 1UP


Local Food outlets:

You can/can’t take in food, however hot and cold vending machines are available and there are many food outlets within a few minutes’ walk of the court.


Opening Hours:

Court open: Monday-Friday, 9am – 4pm
Telephone enquiries answered: 8:30am – 5pm


Email:  (family enquiries) (civil enquiries)



0300 1235577 (enquiries)
01483 405387 (appointments)


Guildford County Court security

You must go through security to enter a court or tribunal building. Your bags and pockets will be checked like they would be at an airport. This may include:

• emptying your pockets into a tray
• taking off your shoes, coat, gloves or hat
• moving your belt
• walking through an archway detector or being checked with a handheld scanner

If you’re wearing a head covering for religious or cultural reasons, you can ask for it to be checked with a handheld scanner so you do not have to take it off.

Items you can take in:

• phones and cameras, but you must not take photos or make videos with them
• unopened drinks in cartons and cans
• drinks in a plastic bottle or a disposable cup with a lid
• medicines you have a prescription for
• If your drink is opened or in a plastic bottle, you’ll be asked to drink some to prove it is not harmful.

Items you’re not allowed to take in:

You cannot take in items that security staff think could be used as a weapon, even if you think they’re harmless. These include things like:

• blades, such as scissors, penknives and razors
• other sharp items, such as knitting needles and darts
• glass, for example bottles
• metal cutlery
• syringes (unless you have a prescription)
• toy guns and other things that look like guns
• tools, for example screwdrivers, hammers and nails
• ropes and chains
• alcohol
• liquids that are not drinks or prescription medicine, such as oils, perfumes lighter refills and cleaning products
• full-length umbrellas

Security staff will keep any items you cannot take into the building and give you a receipt. You can usually use this to collect your items when you leave.


Building Facilities:

• Disabled toilet facilities. Parking can be arranged by contacting the court in advance.
• Guide dogs are welcome at this court.
• Loop hearing facilities are available at the ground floor counter.
• Hot and cold vending machines can be found on the ground floor.
• There are twelve private interview rooms.
• This court has baby changing facilities on the ground floor within the disabled toilet.